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“This is All That Matters,” forthcoming in Redivider.

“Hot Shit,” forthcoming in The Normal School, December 2021.

“Dirty Jersey,” forthcoming in Chicago Quarterly Review.

“Bent Knee,” Barzakh, June 2021.

“Tybee Island,” South Carolina Review, Fall 2020.

“Hands,” Cotton Xenomorph, July 2020.

“Spinster, Shrew, Harridan,” JMWW, July 2020.

“You Never Know,” Vol. 1 Brooklyn, July 2020.

“Rough Patch,” Stirring, Spring 2020.

“The Sun, The Sun, The Sun,” (mac)ro(mic), March 2020.

“The Substitute,” Cleaver Magazine, March 2020.

“The Musical Transcriptionist,”  Gone Lawn, March 2020.

“The Babysitters,” Ghost Parachute, December 2019.

“During the Year of Rapid Weight Loss, I Become Uncharacteristically Exhibitionistic,” X-R-A-Y, November 2019.

“Citizens Band,” Queen Mob’s Tea House, July 2019.

“Lufthansa,” Yale Review Online, February 2019.

“Showdown,” Pindeldyboz, April 2006.

“Mortality,” Vestal Review, January 2006.

“Redemption,” Juked, December 2005.

“Waiting,” Pindeldyboz, November 2005. (Nominated for the 2006 Million Writers Award)